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Dec 20 2011

5 Celebs Who Need to Go Away in 2012

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We mean this in the nicest way possible – celebrities that suck, please stop. You’re causing all of us pain, but for some reason, you continue to get facetime. You’ve torchered us enough with your 15 minutes, and now we’re asking politely that you get yourself a real gig that will take you out of the public eye.

We know that there’s plenty of candidates for this uncoveted distinction, but for those who find themselves on our list, we really hope you take our suggestion and just fade away.


Ashton Kutcher

Poor dude got triple-whammied this year. First, his way too sexy older wife filed for divorce. Then he took over a successful show that had so much attention on it for all the wrong reasons (Check: Sheen, Charlie) – and pretty much ruined it. And lastly, for said show, his character pretty much is everything that every person on the face of the earth wants to avoid. On the plus side, if we’re all just being Punk’d, this is his greatest stunt yet.

Anyone on Teen Mom

These folks aren’t really your typical “celebrities,” so can we please stop treating them like they are? If we see another mag cover with the headline, “Teen Mom Tells Her Side,” at the grocery store, we’ll flip a sh*t! We thought those were automatically reserved for hot girls, and Lindsay Lohan drug overdoses – not girls who just happend to get knocked-up when they were still trying to figure out Algebra.

Jose Canseco

For all the power this dude had on the field, he’s really proving himself to be quite the opposite off it. After tossing pretty much the entire league under the bus for juicing back in the day, he’s shown up on celebrity shows like Celeb Boxing, Celebrity Apprentice, and Celebridate. We really thought you had to be famous for people to care about what the hell you’re up to?

Britney Spears

Damnit what happened? Brit used to be the hottest thing walking the planet back in the day. Now? Well, she’s not even the hottest thing in her family anymore. We’re not even sure what she does these days. Is she still making music? Word is this chick recently just got engaged… and the fact that we know that pisses us off.

Kris Jenner

You didn’t think we’d actually put one of the Kardashian girls here, did you? Two of them are complete smokeshows, and the other one is… well… she drew on her Mom! Nope, we opted for their Mom instead because, quite frankly, any reason you’d think we’d put one of the Kardashian girls on this list, is completely because of the this queen bee. Simply put – Whatever you loathe about their show, annoyance, and over-reported news, is entirely Kris Jenner’s fault.

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