. How To Save at Least 500 dollars a Month Right Away | - Part 2

Dec 19 2011

How To Save 500 Bucks a Month in the next Five Minutes

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Get a Used Car or No Car

Why Get a brand new car and finance it when you can have a preowned car that’s just as good?  Did you know a car’s value drops nearly 40% just by driving it off the lot?   If you insist on having a car get a preowned car.   And if you don’t really need a car, then don’t drive one at all.   Savings here is in the hundreds.

Is That Really Necessary???

This is a list you can draw up in about 5 seconds.   Look at every single expense you paid last month.  I’m talking everything.   From the groceries you buy to the clothes you wear.  Wait till you see how much dumb shit you have on there.   Trust me, you didn’t need that neon basketball lamp that you never put up in the basement.   Make a category called “dumb transactions” and don’t make them anymore.   I’m pretty confident you can save at least 200 a month that way.

There, we’re talking at least 500-1000 a month in savings all within five minutes.

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