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Dec 16 2011

AXE Knows How to Celebrate Better Than We Do

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I’m not quite sure that they’ll get me to buy their products but that doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate these guys for who they are.  Axe has got always something new and different for us dudes so I kind of have to pay attention to this year’s surprises.

This year they came up with something called Axe Celebrations which is  is a Facebook application which allows you to send special messages to friends.  Users can choose to receive the message at any time, or send messages to their friends on the days that they want to celebrate throughout the year.  Users only need to install the application on their Facebook profiles, and allow the app functionalities to be able to send a message to any of their friends.

Look.  The bottom line is that you know that with AXE, hot ladies are going to be involved so this one’s a no brainer folks.   I don’t download too many apps but I’m gonna give this one a spin.

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