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Dec 16 2011

8 Most Overrated Things in History

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We don’t have beef, we just know when to keep things real. Waking up this morning, we thought, “Man, Special K is so underrated as a cereal.” Then we popped on the tube and watched a bunch of crap that should never be described as news-worthy. Really?

Since we know what’s cool and what sucks dong, we figured we’d help you join the club by avoiding to talk about any of these overrated things.


8. Nickelback

You know who you are. The ones who start a Pandora station, catch one of Nickelback’s terrible songs, and the next thing you know, you’re thinking to yourself, “They aren’t that bad.” Well guess what dude, they are that bad. And if you think Nickelback’s not overrated, then at least admit your taste in music is.

7. Good/Expensive Beer

Oh is this Natty keg not good enough for you? Screw you beer snobs! Go ahead and spend your $15 for a sixer, and enjoy talking about how much you make with the other lame-o’s at the party. While you let your first beer breath to extract the best taste, we’ll be on our fourth game of pong, getting ready to own the night.

6. 3D TV

If you own a 3D TV, you’re pretty much admitting you’re way to cool for school! I mean who wouldn’t want to drop hot dime to sit around with one of your best friends, watching the big game, and wearing those rad glasses? It’ll be done in three years on all TV’s, sans glasses, just watch… your sick TV while we enjoy our 55” flat screen with 20 friends.

5. Halloween

Call us haters, but let’s be honest, Halloween’s cool for about 12 years. Once you stop getting free stuff for dressing up, it kind’ve gets a little lame. I mean, it’s great getting #HAM, but do we need to dress up to do it? Ehhh.

4. LeBron James

This is predictable. He’s got the word “Witness” tatted on his damn leg, and “Chosen One” across his back and has yet to own it. Steve Kerr has five rings and a game-winner in a clinching game. ‘Bron ‘Bron has zero. Think about that, Steve Kerr!

3. Checking Halloween Candy

You knock out as many houses as you can while trick-or-treating, only to get home and have your parents delay the process of getting a sugar high because “strangers” could have poisoned it? Look Mom and Dad, thanks for being great parents, but if you’re so concerned about it, why don’t you pick a neighborhood that’s not so shady… and one that hands out King Size Snickers!

2. Lindsay Lohan’s Sobriety

It’s a lost cause, trust us. We’ve partied with LiLo and have seen both sides. She’s just better at being a train wreck than being an upstanding citizen. We don’t encourage her sloppiness (all the time), but it’s cool to watch. Trying to get her to jump off the wagon is like manually neutering your dog; gross and pretty much impossible.

1. Tim Tebow

For the love of God (and we know Tebow does a lot), can we all just stop talking about this dude? We get it, he’s a gift to everyone, won titles and awards, and can awkwardly throw a football. Is he the future? Is he not? Does anyone care? If we focused on all the accomplishments we had in college, we’d be starting for the Intramural All-Stars and planning our third world tour.

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4 responses so far

  • Bob

    In-N-Out Burger

  • Albus

    brilliant across the board

  • name_teman

    You gotta admit though, when was Nickelback overrated? Everyone who has internet connection keeps on saying they’re bad. Nickelback just have fans (however bad taste in music they have). If having lots of fans while being hated by everyone else is your idea of overrated, then Justin Bieber is too. Or do you think Justin Bieber is good?
    Disclaimer: Not a fan of Nickelback’s, just that I saw a flawed argument and wanted to comment on it.

  • mont

    Bron jus won a ring and was the MVP of the finals
    I think you might want to cross that one off.



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