. Things to Like About Cold Weather | - Part 3

Dec 16 2011

7 Things I Like About Cold Weather

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Watching and Playing Football

Two things I like about watching football in the cold.  One.  I like watching football period so that’s awesome.  But two.  I love watching football being played in the cold.  You see how tough these guys really are.   How awesome is it when these guys play in blizzard conditions?  It’s pretty sweet if you ask me.   Also, playing in the snow is amazing.  Snow almost shields you from injury.  While I know that isn’t true it kind of feels that way.

Skiing, If You’re Into That

I’m not a skier so I wouldn’t really know but I have plenty of friends that love the sport.   Yeah you can ski in the warm weather with fake powder and all that but I’ve heard from multiple sources that it just isn’t the same as real snow.  As I said I don’t know first hand but I’d have to think that skiing is at the top of everyone’s cold weather list.


Sleigh riding!  One of my favorite past times as a kid.  I don’t get to do it as often as back in the day but I relish every sledding moment I have.


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