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Dec 16 2011

7 Things I Like About Cold Weather

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The weather is getting cold.   It’s a harsh reality that happens every single year.  And every single year I bitch and complain about it.   Why I still live in the Northeast is beyond me but I suppose family is important.  I mean, I guess.   Sorry guys, just kidding.  You mean the world to me!

But instead of bitching and moaning about it this year, I’d like to try and keep an open mind.   While for the most part I’d say summer is ten times better than the winter, I will admit there are some things to like about the cold.

Here are seven that come to mind….

When it’s Cozy Inside

You know that awesome feeling in the summer when you are blasting the air conditioner and you snuggle under the covers?  You feel all cozy and warm?  In the winter it’s the opposite.  It feels awesome when the heat is cranking and it’s freezing outside.   Lord knows I hate that “defrosting” feeling when I first enter my house but you guys know what I’m talking about.   There’s something nice about that warmth when it’s ice cold out there.

Making Fires

It’s not often you get to build a fire.   It’s really only a few months out of the year.  But when you do get the chance, take it and run with it.   The smell, the heat, the potential of using marshmallows.  It’s all wonderful.  There’s nothing bad about making a fire with the exception for the potential your house burns down.

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