. The Evolution of Time Wasting in Traveling | - Part 2

Dec 15 2011

The Evolution of Time Wasting in Traveling

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Portable DVD Players, Laptops

It was CDs for a while and then the amazing invention called the “Portable DVD Player” came out.  No longer did we have to pay for the in flight movie.  We could just bring our own!  And it was around this time (maybe a couple years before) that people started to bring their work on planes with them.

iPods, Laptops, Netbooks

Here’s when it all changed.   At this point you had like 20 options to kill time on a plane.  And the cool thing is that all of your options were so portable that you could fit them all in a small bag.   It was great.   I never go on a plane without my iPod mini.

iPhone, iTouch, iPads, Internet, Live Television

Now it’s a virtual free for all up in the sky.  There’s internet, live television.   If you can’t think of a time waster now then you have serious problems.   It’s amazing that you can watch your own favorite shows live with an iPhone while connected to the internet on a plane.  Seriously, that really messes with your head.

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