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Dec 15 2011

The Evolution of Time Wasting in Traveling

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Just recently I took a flight home from Florida.   Granted I live in New York and the flight wasn’t particularly long, there was one thing I recognized about the flight.   And it was the sheer amount of “stuff” I had to keep me occupied while in flight.

Think about it.  As early as 25 years ago people were smoking on flights, reading books, and playing cards.  That was about all you could do to waste time.  On my flight?  I had my iPad, iPhone, iTouch, netbook, laptop, regular book and God knows what else.

I popped in some old Always Sunny in Philadelphia episodes from iTunes and I was home before I knew it.  But how about the old days?  Think about how crappy it must have been.

Anyway, here’s an evolution of how we wasted time while traveling…..

No Books, Nothing

At some people people were just walking to get from one place to another.  Granted they were dodging wild animals and all that but the first commutes on earth must have been pretty brutal.  Nothing to read or see.  I guess your only solace was if you had a companion to walk with and you played stupid vocal games or something.

Newspaper and Books, Playing Cards, Board Games

When people were riding horse drawn carriages they probably took books along with them.   As time progressed and we started using trains there was always the newspaper or a good book to keep you occupied.  And if you had kids you could always plays cards or boardgames.  Though they didn’t have travel size stuff back then.

In Flight Movies, The Walkman!

I remember this being one of the coolest inventions of all time.  The first time I listened to music on a plane I was amazed.  It was the late 80s and I couldn’t have been happier that I didn’t have to put up with crying babies.  Oh yeah, that’s also when in flight movies were becoming much bigger.

Portable CD Players

From the walkman to the CD Player.  Same concept but better quality.   Remember how fun it used to look to see the disc spinning?  I used to love that stuff.

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