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Dec 13 2011

Craziest Sports Trades of the Past 25 Years

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With all this Chris Paul and Dwight Howard trade stuff going around, it got us thinking – is it really worth the drama?

Over the years, there’s been plenty of player swaps in all different sports that have grabbed headlines, so why do we care so much about these two? Sure they’re both All-Stars and arguably tops in the league at their position; but will they lead whoever they land on a title?

With big-named guys seemingly being shipped around every year, here’s a look at some of the craziest trades in sports over the past quarter century.


Pau Gasol to Lakers – 2008 (notable acquisitions: Pau’s younger brother Marc, and two first round picks in 2010)

Most people forget the fact that Gasol was the 3rd overall pick in his draft class (2001), meaning he was a hell of a prospect before living up to the hype. The trade that sent him from Memphis to the Lakers – thus clinching three straight title trips – was as lopsided as a kid trading carrots for the rights to miniature candy bars at the lunch table.

Herschel Walker to Vikings – 1989 (notable acquisitions: Emmitt Smith, Alvin Harper, and Darren Woodson)

It’s dubbed “The Great Train Robbery,” so you know something’s up. With America’s Team getting out to an 0-5 start (following a 3-13 season), they dumped Walker, depleting their roster of talent, and finishing 1-15. Funny though, that No. 1 pick ended up Troy Aikman, and coupled with pieces from this trade… well, the rest is history. Walker got the last laugh though – he’s jacked at 49, and pulling out MMA on fools.

Scottie Pippen to Bulls – 1987 (notable acquisitions: Olden Polynice)

Remember Olden Polynice? Yeah, we do too – and it’s because he sucked! All Pip did was help MJ and the Bulls win six titles, define himself as one of the top defenders ever, and get into the Hall. Unfortunately, he also found a way to blow all his cash though too.

Pedro Martinez to Expos – 1993 (notable acquisition: Delino DeShields)

Pedro went 10-5 in his first year, then was shipped North to Canada. DeShields blew for LA, while ‘Dro won multiple Cy Young’s and a World Series later with the BoSox. Oh yeah, he also gave us this

Allen Iverson to Nuggets – 2006 (notable acquisitions: Andre Miller and two first round picks)

It’s not so much that this trade is memorable for the right reasons, but moreso for all the wrong reasons. The Nugs thought getting A.I. paired up with Melo would raise banners a mile high. Problem is, they never meshed, and the experiment ended after two seasons, both first round exits from the playoffs.

Charles Barkley to Suns – 1992 (notable acquisition: Jeff Hornacek)

Sure Barkley was a pain in the ass, but does that mean you get rid of a top-10 player in his prime? Probably not. But if you do, you definitely don’t do it for Jeff Hornacek, and two role players. Matter of fact, Hornacek was nothing more than a role player anyway, and Barkley won the MVP and went to the Finals his first year in Phoenix. We now understand why Philly sports fans are so bitter.

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