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Dec 09 2011

The “Guys-Man” Trophy: 6 Dudes Who Can Teach You Something

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It’s hard to admit, but we’re not the most put-together guy we know. Since we doubt you’re anywhere close yourself, we have no problem getting some pointers every once in awhile from the guys who seem to have it. The ones that can pretty much do anything they want, start new trends whenever, know they have mad game to take home any chick, and pretty much tells the world F**k off!

Since the Heisman Trophy’s being presented tomorrow night, we thought we’d list our finalists for the coveted “Guys-Man” Trophy, presented to the ultimate man’s, man. These six are the ones we unshamelessly find ourselves wanting to learn from the most.



6. President Obama

We tend to stay away from politics, (just not our cup of tea), but he’s the President for God’s sake! Sure, he hasn’t cured the world’s problems, but last we checked, we’re still trying to figure out why global warming happens too. If you can’t respect what he’s done, you’re just being an ass.

5. Gennaro Gattuso

You may be asking yourself, who the hell? Here’s your hint. You’ll see exactly why he makes our list. He captains one of the most popular club teams in the world (AC Milan), and has won a World Cup with his native Italian squad. Based on his choking out fiasco, is there any doubt he pretty much does any hot chick he wants.

4. Justin Timberlake

Sure he was kind’ve a tool back in his day, but he’s straight bro now. Besides playing smokin’ babes roulette – jumping from Cameron Diaz to Jessica Biel to Mila Kunis – dude throws in parodies with his acting crap, and whenever he wants to sell 3 million albums, he can.

3. Michael Jordan

He’s not so relevant these days, but the dude that hooped better than anyone is majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats, and has this small company you may have heard of – the Jordan Brand. In the words of HOVA, “He’s not a businessman, he’s a businesssssss man!” We all want to be like Mike.

2. Jay-Z

Speaking of S. Carter, like MJ before him, he’s part-owner of a NBA club (albeit a crappy one), knocked-up B, and created an empire where pretty much any rapper blows him (in context, that’s a good thing). In the game of music, there’s no one who even comes close. Rags to riches homie, he ain’t dumb.

1. George Clooney

There’s no dude we’d rather learn a thing or two from than Clooney. Hand’s down. A 50-year-old slamming chicks half his age? Where do we sign-up? What’s he do after deciding to leave his Italian actress girlfriend? Just jump back in the sack with Stacy Kiebler. If there’s any doubt of his worthiness, we think going from dime-piece to dime-piece pretty much explains itself. Cheers Mr. Clooney.

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