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Dec 08 2011

What’s the Deal With the Ugly Christmas Sweater Tradition?

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I never quite understood the whole ‘Ugly Christmas Sweater‘ tradition. I do understand that it’s incredibly popular. They even have websites that sell ‘Ugly Christmas Sweaters‘. I need some info people because ‘Ugly Christmas Sweaters’ are one of the hottest things going right now.

I just don’t get it man. If you’re a single dude and you find the ugliest fuggin’ sweater on the planet does that give you more sex-appeal? Why not start a tradition with ‘Nice Christmas Sweaters’ or ‘Elegant Christmas Sweaters’. After all, it is Christmas, which is suppose to be a magical, loving, beautiful holiday. I don’t think ugly sweaters were meant to be a part of this celebration.

I’m going to need some feedback on this one. Is it fun? Do you get laid? Is it worth buying a sweater you’re going to wear once a year? Do people go, “Holy sh$t dude, you’re sweater is Ugly. You rule man”. I’m lost in a sea of ugliness someone clue me in.

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  • http://tipsyelves.com nick

    Of course you get laid! Just like the reindeer on our sweaters! haha. They work perfectly for ugly christmas sweater parties but also for any christmas party. Plus a few of the sweaters are nice – and just to add to the christmas spirit we donate a portion of all our sales to donate new warm sweaters to homeless children!

  • Shon

    It’s a thing.
    In this part of the country, college kids will have bar hopping parties around this theme going from bar to bar dressed in their sweater-y best/worst.
    I think most of it is the competition of who can find the most god-awful looking sweater to ‘win’.
    As for the girl angle, what more can a guy want than to stick out above most other guys in a bar to the ladies. The sweaters are always good for a laugh and they offer a really easy conversation starter, that’s all most guys need to get the ball rolling.

  • kj

    man you’re aging if you’re gonna hate on ugly sweater parties haha



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