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Dec 07 2011

Must Have Sides and Apps at Steak Houses

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I would consider myself to be somewhat of a solid authority on steak.   I own a steak review site for one, and I’ve been frequenting steak houses on a monthly basis for the past 15 years.   Granted this means nothing as far as me liking a certain steak above another and me being “right.”  Everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

However, when it comes to apps and side dishes at steak houses there are certain items that should always be on the menu.   If they are not on the menu then I definitely think there is something inherently wrong with the steak house.

Anyway, there are 8 that shoot out to me….

Creamed Spinach

If there’s one essential side at a steak house it’s gotta be the creamed spinach.  Personally I don’t like steak sauce and think it’s an absolute sin to have any.  However, if you must mix something in your mouth with steak that winds up being delicious it’s creamed spinach.  As long as it’s not too sweet and runny, creamed spinach is a must.

Lobster Mac N’ Cheese

I only say this because this dish is becoming more popular these days.   And since many steak houses tend to have great lobster you can at least get your seafood fix with this dish.   Hell I’d never order fish in a steak house but at least I can get one with my app or side dish.

Home Fries

Come on folks.  If you’re going to kill your heart than do it with style!

Slice of Bacon

Again, this is for the strong steak eater contingent.  Nothing’s more pungent than drowning yourself with a giant slab of pork right before you eat a giant slab of red meat.  Seriously though, the giant slice of bacon is becoming a mainstay at steak houses around the country.

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  • Passin’Thru

    “Anyway, there are 8 that shoot out to me…”

    I’m going out on a limb here & think, you made a typo & meant to write “shout”, not “shoot”.

    Unless, it was some kind of Freudian slip alluding to “tube steaks”…….not that there’s anything wrong with that….. ;)



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