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Dec 06 2011

The Only Real Positive Uses for Text Messaging

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I’m not a baby boomer so I’m not quite that old school but I will say I do tend to be a curmudgeon when it comes to technology and all the “hip” new trends we see on a daily basis.   And by curmudgeon I’m of the school that thinks our society is becoming way too impersonal.  Then again, I don’t like people so I’m not sure why I’m complaining.

One of our biggest tools for being impersonal has been the cell phone.  In particular, I’m referring to text messaging.   It’s turning kids into mush and button pushing idiots.   Not to mention it’s causing more car accidents than just about anything these days.

However, if I were to put a positive spin on text messaging it would be in these five examples….

The Speedy and Brief Experience

It’s nice to know that you can simply text someone “hello” and know it gets to them in two seconds.  Sure you can call them but that might involve an entire conversation.  Bottom line is that texting someone “counts” in today’s society.  So sending that tiny “hi” goes a long way in someone believing that you keep contact with them.

Not Having to Talk to People

Let’s face it, we’re not always in the mood to make a call or be on the phone with people.   It’s the same thing as when you call a person hoping that their machine picks up.   Sometimes it’s just easier to type in what you want to say than go through the entire motions of a phone call.  It’s less stressful and clicking “send” is much easier than having to talk to a person.

Good for a Crowded Area

Let’s say you’re in a bar and can’t hear your phone.  Let’s say you’re at a really boring dinner and have nothing better to do?  And let’s say you’re in any situation where literally talking a person is not a good idea.   That’s what texting is for.  God forbid there’s an emergency and you can’t speak on the phone.  This is where texting really comes in handy.   Man, what did people do before cell phones???

Allows You To Be a Wimp

Rather than have to face people head on, now you can hide behind your phone.  Hell it’s a great way to start a relationship.  You have all the time in the world to woo that special someone with your witty banter without ever having to see them.  By the time you do have that first date they’ll be all warmed up.

Sending Photos

I will admit that this is a cool function of text messaging.   If there’s one thing I like about cell phones these days it’s that you can capture anything on camera and send it instantly.   I think that’s pretty awesome.  You can’t do that over the phone while speaking to someone at home.




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