. The Top Sports Stories of 2011 | - Part 2

Dec 05 2011

The Top Seven Sports Stories of This Year

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Derek Jeter Hits 3000

I mean I guess I could put his breakup with Minka Kelly in here but come on.  To be one of under 30 players in the history of Major league Baseball to hit 3000 warrants being part of the best sports stories of the year any day of the week.   He’s one of the best Yankees of all time and obviously his spot in the hall was solidified by that glorious day where he of course homered.

This Whole Tim Tebow Thing

Have you ever in your life seen a more hyped following of a mediocre NFL player than Tim Tebow?  I mean sure the guy has his moments but good God it’s insane.   You have to agree that “Tebow” is a huge coverage story and really for no reason.   Clearly the religious aspect is a huge part of all this.  Hell the coin phrased “tebowing” even exists.

Peyton Manning

I’m pretty sure in the history of all sports there’s never been a franchise more affected by the absence of one player than the Colts without Manning.  This season will forever be remembered for that.

*The Lockouts, NASCAR

NFL and NBA Lockouts have been pretty considerable.  I’m just so bored of the NBA lockout to even care at this point.  And yes, I know about NASCAR, deaths, Danica Patrick.  I’m just not sure they got as much press as these others.


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  • Mormegil

    It wasn’t Paterno who was charged by the Grand Jury, but one of his coaches – Jerry Sandusky. JoePa was fired in the aftermath for not following up on a report that one of the junior coaches caught Sandusky in the showers with a minor.
    Brings a new meaning to the term “Jerry’s kids”, doesn’t it?

    • Natty

      Yes we’re well aware of that it was Sandusky who was charged but it wasn’t clear in the paragraph. We switched it up. Thanks for the call.



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