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Dec 05 2011

The Top Seven Sports Stories of This Year

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2011 has been a great year for scandals, humor, controversy, and triumph in the world of sports.   As always there’s gonna be some heartache.  As always there will be some surprises.   And as always we’ll be entertained by all that’s happened.

Here’s a look at 7 of what I consider to be the top sports stories of this year….

The Joe Paterno Scandal

If I had to stake a claim on the biggest sports story of the year it’s probably this one.  Paterno is about to turn 85.  The man has had close to 60 years in collegiate football.   The fact that his entire career has been completely tarnished from one stupid mistake qualifies as being one of the biggest stories of the century if you ask me.   Then again there’s the issue of whether this guy likes kids or not.  I mean I doubt he does and we all know this is about Sandusky, but what the hell explains this??

Tiger Woods and His Caddy…Or just Tiger Woods

The amount of Tiger Woods stuff this year is pretty much endless.  Clearly the biggest story is Tiger’s decline on the golf course after his wife and sex addiction debacle.  Then throw in Mr. Williams!   What an absolutely stupid combination of crap this has been.  I’ve never seen a caddy get this much press in my life.  I just can’t wait to see Woods perform well again and all will be forgiven and forgotten.  Not to mention there will be stories about his “hardships” and struggles.  Whatever.

The Cardinals Comeback

Arguably the greatest comeback from a deficit in sports history, the Cards came back from an obscene margin of games to make the playoffs in 3 weeks time.   Then what do they do?  Only knock out the Phillies on route to a World Series Championship.   Larussa predictably retires and the questions remain whether Pujols will come back or not.

The Lebron James Decision(s)

Well we all know about the actual decision that was aired on television.  This of course led to an embarrassing Hollywood display of the Miami Heat and their “big 3.”   And obviously this led to everyone in the civilized world (outside of Miami) to hate Lebron James.  So now everything this guy decides on is in the news.  By the way, maybe the Heat should have won the title but that they got there at all is pretty impressive to me.

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  • Mormegil

    It wasn’t Paterno who was charged by the Grand Jury, but one of his coaches – Jerry Sandusky. JoePa was fired in the aftermath for not following up on a report that one of the junior coaches caught Sandusky in the showers with a minor.
    Brings a new meaning to the term “Jerry’s kids”, doesn’t it?

    • Natty

      Yes we’re well aware of that it was Sandusky who was charged but it wasn’t clear in the paragraph. We switched it up. Thanks for the call.



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