. Seeing Live Concerts Isn't All That Great | - Part 2

Dec 02 2011

Why I Care Less and Less About Going to See Live Concerts

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The Cost

It’s an obvious choice but an important one.  If you mix in my criteria, getting a good seat is a minimum of 100 per ticket these days.   Factor in the cost of food, gas, etc etc and you’re looking at around 300 bucks to go see a band play.  They better be damned good.

The Commuting

Again, why go far when you can just hang out at home?

I guess the main point I’m making here is that in order for me to see a concert it’s gotta be a band worth seeing in concert.  Honestly there aren’t that many that I care about these days.  I will say that Pearl Jam and U2 are experiences that are worth it. I’d like to see the Rolling Stones, AC/DC, and some others.   Also, I guess being really drunk helps too.



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2 responses so far

  • kj

    haha you old bro

  • Dave

    Sorry to hear you don’t like live music. But the travel is half the fun, it’s about the experience of being with your friends and family. And how can you compare a live show to tv? I guess if you I liked Brittany Spears, I wouldn’t like going either…..oh, and don’t you forget, you were youth once too and I am sure there were plenty of people who said the same about you…maybe they still do



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