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Dec 02 2011

Why I Care Less and Less About Going to See Live Concerts

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Perhaps it’s because I’m getting older.   Perhaps it’s because I’m less tolerant of other people.  Whatever it is, for some reason I’m just not into going out to particular venues anymore.   Granted the older I get the more I realize I do need get out and enjoy life as much as possible.  But how one enjoys life can be complicated.

For me?  I can’t stand human beings so it really has to be as controlled an environment as possible.  Plus I really want the chance to be around good friends and family.  Also, I’d like to be able to hear myself think and speak.

So yeah, it’s safe to say that live concerts don’t help much.  Here are five reasons I’m lessening on the concert scene

They’re Too Loud

Honestly, when you have to listen to loud music for 2 hrs or longer it definitely takes it toll.  I know that the rest of my night is pretty shot from the noise and I’ll usually feel it the next day.  And because of the crowds there’s really no way around having to make the volume level considerably high.   The noise is even worse if you go to some small club to hear a local band because generally your ears are right next to the speakers.

The Youth of Today Sucks

Call me an old sap.  Call me whatever.   Fact is, if you want to go to a big concert, chances are you have to contend with annoying teenagers and I think it’s safe to say that unless you are a teenager, everyone hates teenagers.   The only way around this is if you go to concerts of bands that were around in the 70s.   Then you’ll at least have a decent shot of attending the concert with people your own age.  In general teens are obnoxious, loud, and frankly annoying as hell.

Unless I Have Great Seats, I’d Rather Be Home

I used this argument about sporting events.  Television is becoming so awesome now that unless I have a really good seat at a live show I’d rather just watch it on TV.   At home at least I’m home.  I have the comfort of all my amenities and don’t have to deal with any people.   Like I said, unless I’m real close to the band, I don’t really care.

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2 responses so far

  • kj

    haha you old bro

  • Dave

    Sorry to hear you don’t like live music. But the travel is half the fun, it’s about the experience of being with your friends and family. And how can you compare a live show to tv? I guess if you I liked Brittany Spears, I wouldn’t like going either…..oh, and don’t you forget, you were youth once too and I am sure there were plenty of people who said the same about you…maybe they still do



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