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Dec 02 2011

Police on the Autobahn

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How do you police a road that has no speed limit? Why with an insanely fast car of course. This is an Autobahn police car that’s a modified Audi, and if it needs to, it can catch up to anything it needs to. Word has it that it has nitrous tanks as well for that extra boost.

But if there’s no speed limit, why would they need to police the road at all? I guess if someone’s running from the cops for an actual crime I suppose.

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  • Non Idiot Reader

    Ever heard of reckless driving? Unnecessary endangerment? Policing roads is not just about speed. Stupid.

  • d0x

    There is no speed limit on most of the road BUT its highly illegal to tailgate so im sure they pull plenty of those people over.

  • Easy Victor

    I can’t imagine the wind noise that the light bar would make at 140mph or greater. Seems really out of place on that aerodynamically slick of a car.

  • joey iroc

    Germany has very strict driving rules. One of them is to drive on the right, and pass on the left. Once you’re done, you must move back over or you face a fine (and you can be reported by other drivers.

    Also, the areas around the cities have limits, as well as the construction zones. You will do that exact limit, or you’ll get a ticket.

    10 years living there, I’ve seen it all including the motorcycle Polizei chase a Viper. And they caught him pretty easily.

  • Torlek

    This is not a actuall every day use police car. It is a one of car used mainly for marketing. Essentally they park that car at a convention or a fair or were ever the cop have a both to show how cool the cops are.



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