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Dec 01 2011

Five Truly Productive uses for LinkedIn

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I saw an interesting article on Gigaom about using Linkedin Productively.   While the article shared some good points I think it was unnecessary to demonstrate 20 uses of the career social network.   Honestly a lot of people use Linkedin for the wrong reasons.   Many people use it like Facebook.  They waste hours looking up ex co-workers to see what they’re doing.

They mess around with it like any other social network.   Oh yeah, and 50% of linked is companies posting jobs.  You know that’s how they make most of their money right?

Anyway, to simplify things, I’ve come up with five good strategies for using Linkedin whether you are job seeker, employee seeker, or someone to expand a business….

The Social Networking Aspect

Remember I talked about using Linkedin as a social network?  To me it’s a relative waste of time.  However if used for a purpose it might work.  Tracking down old colleagues is certainly useful if you’re looking for targeted leads on your job search or employee search.   Catching up with people you used to work with can in fact open new doors and introductions.  So don’t be afraid to look those people up.  Just don’t do it for the hell of it or you’re wasting your time.

Finding Leads is Very Easy

If you want to do new business development for your company you can do it all for free.  Sure there’s an “inside” service on Linkedin that enables you to send more targeted emails to “inmembers” but it’s not necessary.  You can look up companies, find employees, join groups.  It’s almost endless.   But if you’re in say the Advertising Space.   It’s limitless.   Join a group?  Boom, you have 1000s of leads.   You see the name, look up the company number, and boom, you have a lead.   What if you’re looking for a job?  Same deal.  In today’s market simply responding to ads on Monster or Linkedin won’t cut it.   If you want to be proactive, find out who you want to work for and then contact them.  You never know who is hiring.

Being Prepared for an Interview, Conversation

Linkedin is beneficial in that most people who care about letting the world know who they are will be detailed in their profile information.   It’s there that you’ll get all you need to be prepared to have a conversation with them.   They might also post links to their current company so you can research that as well.  Point is, Linkedin is a great starting portal for a world of information and links that will better prepare you for a conversation.   And that conversation could be with anyone be it a perspective employee, new employer, lead, etc etc.

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