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Dec 01 2011

5 Simple Reasons To Be Happy the NBA’s Back

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The NBA’s officially back starting Christmas Day. Since Santa’s stuffing the players into our stockings, there’s only one way to thank Jolly Ol’ Nick… By tossing him an assist on why we’re actually stoked to get those overpaid and complaining millionaires back on the court.

Let’s face it, you’ve still got work to do on that jumper, so the best thing that can happen is letting the professionals handle the ball, while we pay $8/beer and sit in the nosebleeds.

1. Watching LeBron James Fail

What’s with people getting amusement in others’ failures? It’s the same complex that haunts us each time we elect a new Prez – half the country loves him, but the other half craps on him the entire four years for not living up to the hype or expectations. Just as we know our next Commander in Chief won’t solve the country’s problems, it’s just as inevitable LeBron won’t lift the Larry O’Brien trophy… even when he’s taking names on the haters.

2. Cheerleaders

Are we being cliche? Absolutely, but it’s a legit reason. During the cold months that lie ahead, we get very few sexy women to drool over. When you combine those chicks with sports and beer, it’s a perfect world. We’ll take live girls to look at over Cinemax porn any day of the week.

3. College Basketball Doesn’t Matter til March

Are we contradicting ourselves by showing Gordon Hayward’s shot that almost upset Duke a couple years ago? No. Why? Because who in their right mind wanted to see Duke vs. Butler in the Title game to begin with? Right, no one. College ball doesn’t start til March, and even then, it’s unpredictability makes it frustrating as hell when you lose your office pools.

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