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Nov 29 2011

She’s Uncoachable: Miss World 2011, Ivian Sarcos

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Miss Ivian Sarcos was crowned Miss World 2011 which means that the digging has been done for few non ballgown, tear in the eye pictures that might actually give us a proper look at Miss Venezuela.

There are a few candids in here and of course some bikini shots that I’m sure you’ll all enjoy.

More of Miss Sarcos after the jump….

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Nov 29 2011

U.S. Skier Lindsey Vonn is Now Single

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US Olympic Gold Medalist skier and participator in a number of very, very cold photoshoots, Lindsey Vonn, is divorcing her husband.

“It is with great sadness that I announce that Thomas and I have begun divorce proceedings. This is an extremely difficult time in my personal life and I hope the media and my fans can respect my need for privacy on this matter. I will continue to be coached by the U.S. Ski Team and look forward to competing the rest of the season.”

He was her coach on the team, and that’s got to make for an awkward working environment after. But something tells me she’ll do alright. One more photo of her below:

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Nov 29 2011

Halle Berry Distracts a Talk Show Host

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Boobs have magic powers, every guy and girl knows that. But sometimes it becomes an issue, like when you’re a talk show host and Halle Berry’s rack has you so confounded, you keep losing your train of thought.

This is a rather hilarious clip that shows just that. It also explains why in here next five TV appearances, she was wearing a raincoat the entire time.

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Nov 29 2011

Yet Another Collection of Sexy Facebook Girls

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To this day I’m still fascinated and shocked by the amount of sexy self taken pictures you see on social networks like Facebook.  As much as these networks are there to “connect” people they are just as much gateways to a world of attention getting this world has never seen.

I mean you take a bored hot girl sitting at home or out to dinner with friends.  Within 30 seconds she can take a provocative picture, post it on her social profile and minutes later that picture is seen by thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people.   I still can’t process that this is a normal everyday thing.

But it is!   So with that said, here’s yet another batch of hot girls from Facebook…..

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Nov 29 2011

Five Positive Things You can Take From Living with a Female

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When comparing my single life to the life I have now there are always things you like about one situation and things you miss about another.   There are plenty of advantages to living alone and yet plenty of advantages to living with your significant other.  On the whole I like living with my wife better than when I lived alone.

However, it’s taken a long time to get to that point.   What I mean is, A.  You have to get used to it, and B.  You have to start understanding the benefits of living with a lady.  Once you get that down, it can become a rewarding experience.

Here are five positives about living with a female…..

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Nov 29 2011

Just The Tip Tuesday: The Busty Brits, Real World Beast Masters, and Great Female Athletes

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Click on the photo for 101 pics of busty brits

Look, I don’t know what they’re doing over there in the UK but it’s gotta be illegal.  More busty women come out of there than anywhere I’ve ever seen.  Thankfully the boys at COED Magazine were able to compile this obscenely awesome picture gallery.  And now my life returns to absolute garbage.  Thank you.

The Tips

The most incredible real world beast masters – [Cracked]

Females athletes who are a cut above the rest – [Unathletic]

Yes I very much enjoy pictures of Paula Garces – [Maxim]

This is exactly why you don’t taunt a crab – [Viraltoob]

When you need celebrity cleavage – [Taxidrivermovie] (NSFW Ads)

These surfers were nearly swallowed by a whale – [Attuworld]

I definitely kind of dig Amanda Seyfried – [FHM]

Everyone in the world needs to do this – [Nedhardy]

21 really awesome shots of Kelly Kelly – [Cityrag]

Just another hottie to post pictures of – [Heyman Hustle]

The ladies definitely love mustaches, oh yeah, they do – [Heavy]

Sushmita Sen is the new sexy Bollywood babe – [Gunaxin]

A girl who looks different every single day – [Izismile]

Luisana Lopilato in all of her busty and sexy glory – [Brosome]

How much talent does India have?  This much – [The Chive]

Alison Armitage makes my day every day – [TC Mag]

A bunch of protesters inspired by Guy Fawkes – [Holytaco]

Doutzen Kroes looks ridiculous in these pics – [Pickmeupnews]

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Nov 28 2011

Hotties in the Wild Lead the P.M. Portfolio

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Click on the photo for more hotties in the wild

Well it’s Monday and your day is being started off by looking at these two girls.   Does it make you happy or does it make you sad?   Hmmm.  That’s the question of the day.  Me?  It always pisses me off.

More things that bother me at Uncoached’s Facebook Page

The Portfolio


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Nov 28 2011

The Last Words of 20 Extremely Influential People

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There are times when you look to someone’s last words as some kind of gateway into their lives or a statement that will make you live your life in the future.  But the fact is these people are dying and are speaking as they most likely would.

However, once in a while you do get a profound statement that makes you think.   Speaking of these last words, here are 20 uttered by some very influential people in our history.

Some are profound and some are kind of funny…..

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Nov 28 2011

She’s Uncoachable: CJ Sparxx Does it All

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I just love women like CJ Sparxx.  They do a little bit of everything.  She’s first and foremost a “Teaseum” model, whatever that is.  But CJ also dabbles in MMA modeling and yes, she’s posed topless before.  Yay!

Other than that, I have her email address so will be attempting to get an interview soon.   Well, honestly I’d like to have way more than an interview but you gotta start somewhere right?

More of CJ after the jump…..

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Nov 28 2011

Dad’s About to Be Upset

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Actually, it would be pretty hilarious if these weren’t this guy’s kids at all, and they were just two random sticker hooligans who tag any unsuspecting person in the airport trying to catch a nap.

Do you know how annoying stickers are to take off? That’s got to be like, five minutes of work at least when you come to! But they are cute, and cute girls can get away with anything, at any age.

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