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Nov 30 2011

Guys Knows Girl is Cheating, Tattoos This

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This is without question one of the funniest stories I’ve heard in quite some time. Sit down and find out how this girl managed to get a big pile of dog crap tattooed on her back.

Tattoo artist Ryan Fitzgerald from Dayton, OH was hit with a $100,000 lawsuit last week by his ex-girlfriend Rossie Brovent.  She claims that her boyfriend was supposed to tattoo a scene from Narnia on her back but instead tattooed an image of a pile of excrement with flies buzzing around it.

Apparently, Ryan found out that Rossie had cheated with a long-time friend of his, but instead of confronting her about it he acted like everything was normal and hatched a plan for revenge. Originally, Rossie tried to have Ryan charged with assault, but the ingenious tattoo artist had covered his bases by plying Rossie with wine and tequila shots and getting her to sign a consent form that stated the design was “at the artist’s discretion.”

Even if he does have to pay 100K, that was totally worth it for this kind of revenge. You really can’t top a story like this.

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