. Reasons You Should Never Do Business with Family | - Part 2

Nov 30 2011

Five Reasons You Should Never Do Business with Family

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One Person Always Makes More Than the Other

This goes back to finance but I have to bring it up again.   Face it.  One person is always going to make more money than the other and if you think that isn’t something that will eventually surface then think again.   Because I can guarantee you that it will.

Forced Loyalty and Preferential Treatment

And here’s the more philosophical side of the equation.   When someone is a member of your family you can help but treat them better.   You might let them get away with things you wouldn’t normally let an employee get away with.   They might be doing a terrible job, you might want to fire them but you can’t because they’re family and it would crush them.   Think about how awkward a position that would be.   And then there’s treating them better than other employees who might be more qualified.   It’s just something you can easily avoid.

Don’t work with family



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