. Positive Things About Living with a Female | - Part 2

Nov 29 2011

Five Positive Things You can Take From Living with a Female

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Getting Ready Time for a Guy is Totally Awesome

How it takes women over an hour to get ready is beyond my comprehension but sure enough, every time we are going to go out it takes my wife over an hour to get ready.  From the makeup to the choosing of the outfit (which probably takes the longest), the string of events that take place is absolutely insane.   Makes me very very happy that I’m a guy, can put on some jeans, a collared shirt, and be ready to roll.

I’m Really Not That Disgusting

Fellas, if you think you’re gross you’re not.  If you think you’re a dirty person, you’re not.   When you’ve seen all the shit that women do to keep themselves clean you’ll know that being a male isn’t nearly as nasty as being a female is.  And I’m not talking about periods.  That’s a given.  I’m talking about products like Nair and the tweezing of unwanted hairs.  I’m talking about hairs from brushes.   I’m talking about just overall filth that I didn’t know existed in humans.   Woman are way more gross and I don’t think it’s even an argument.

I’m Way Cleaner Than I Thought

Same goes for cleanliness.   Now I’m sure there are dudes out there that live with very cleanly women.   But for the most part, from what I’ve found, lots of women out there are messier than guys.   I happen to be in one of those situations.   My advice?  Get really big closets so that at least they can make their messes somewhere but they’re not in plain view.




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