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Nov 29 2011

Five Positive Things You can Take From Living with a Female

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When comparing my single life to the life I have now there are always things you like about one situation and things you miss about another.   There are plenty of advantages to living alone and yet plenty of advantages to living with your significant other.  On the whole I like living with my wife better than when I lived alone.

However, it’s taken a long time to get to that point.   What I mean is, A.  You have to get used to it, and B.  You have to start understanding the benefits of living with a lady.  Once you get that down, it can become a rewarding experience.

Here are five positives about living with a female…..

Don’t Be Embarrassed about Using Product

One of the nice things about living with a female is that they use all kinds of fun lotions and creams that you’d normally never discover on your own.  Hell even the shampoo they use smells great.   There’s a whole world out there of meterosexual products that if you just let that side of yourself go you might find that hygiene and the like are much more enjoyable than you think.   I’m a much cleaner human now than I used to be living on my own.

Cooking is really kind of a Joke

When you get down to it, cooking just isn’t that hard.   My wife is an incredibly talented cook so I’m lucky but when you actually watch what’s being done you realize that making food for yourself isn’t that big a deal.   Granted it’s way more fun when someone cooks for you, if you’re a single guy out there, you can save a ton of money and make really good food yourself.

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