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Nov 28 2011

Funny Stripper Pole Dancing Fails by Dudes

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I think the whole stripper pole craze has died down a bit.  It was fun while it lasted.  All these nutty exercise videos sprouted up and you’d be seeing women across the country try out their new stripper poles thinking they would get in great shape.

But honestly it was just an excuse to be slutty.  You know, kind of like Halloween.  But one outcome of this stripper pole craze has been the sheer volume of fail videos that have hit the web.

And today I’m going to focus on those morons that should have never gotten involved in the first place:  guys.

Drunk Guy is a Moron

What makes this video even dumber is that it’s not in English.  I don’t know why it makes it dumber.  It just does.

This Guy Actually has Skill

His Fail is kind of minor but I had to display his ability.

In Front of Plenty of People

This one I like because everyone seemed to be having such a great time.  I mean that was a hell of a party that just got better.

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