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Nov 23 2011

What Stupid Thing Did Megyn Kelly Say Now?

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Unless you watch Fox News religiously, you might think Megyn Kelly is a Jersey Shore cast member or something who got in trouble for saying something stupid. But in fact she’s a news anchor and host of her own program on Fox, which makes this 100x worse. When talking about the UC Davis pepper spray controversy to Bill O’Reilly, she said this:

“Isn’t it a food product, essentially?”

Either she’s an idiot, or she’s acting like an idiot to downplay the significance of the event and give a conservative slant on it that these liberal college kids have no right to complain. In any case, it spawned a new internet meme like the one you see above. Pretty damn funny.

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  • http://americanandproud.net Robert

    The idiots that got sprayed did it intentionally to garner “Victim” status. Watch the entire video. It’s a ridiculous attempt to get the bleeding hearts to come to their side. It had the complete opposite effect. A protest should last a day or two, should have a goal, should follow basic plans to change the issue. This OWS is having a polarizing effect that will do no good for Democrats in 2012. Good for R’s tho….

    Tea party=0 arrests Millions of people stood. Took over the house with principled protests based on solid American values int he face of LIES by the media.

    OWS= 4,200 arrests, media down plays the violence message all over the place, victimhood status denied. NOBODY will run on the OWS ticket and win.

    Facts are miserable things.

  • michael

    You’ll have to excuse Robert…
    He’s a Faux News Teatard…

  • reynaldokcruz

    Oh Robert. Undoubtedly one of the millions of middle class snookered into defending those up above that would piss on them and tell them its raining. If you are going to go on the “facts,” you and yours would be in for a miserable time indeed. You’ll never be one of the one percent. Keep dreaming.



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