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Nov 21 2011

Eight of Our Favorite Old Spice Commercials

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I tell ya sometimes you just never realize how long a product as been around.   It feels like because of these new commercials for Old Spice (the ones with that handsome black guy who becomes a centaur) that the company hasn’t really been around that long.   But if you look back, Old Spice has been doing this stuff since the 70s, even before.

And if you go back in time you’ll notice it’s that same damn jingle with the whistling sound.  Don’t worry, you’ll hear it when you watch these videos.   What’s awesome is how the company has evolved but how their message always stays the same.  It’s just the delivery is newer, and with the times.

Anyway, here are eight of our favorite Old Spice commercials…..

Thanks to Ranker for their list that helped us make this one.

The Terry Crews Collection

Basically all of the Terry Crews Old Spice Commercials kicked ass.  This is a compilation of the majority of the ones he did and the best parts of all of them.   This guy is an absolute animal.

Rosie Jones – Wow

I think this goes without saying.  You really don’t need a reason for hot girls doing anything.  When a hot girl does anything it helps sell products.   There is no evidence to the contrary yet.

Jackie Moon’s Armpit

For some reason any time that Will Ferrell uses the term “street legal” I always get a kick out of it.  While I’m not the biggest Jackie Moon fan, this commercial always makes me smirk.

Neil Patrick Harris Would do That

He’s a doctor, for pretend, but Neil Patrick Harris is exactly the faux doc that could prescribe you a cure for a frowny face. This commercial shows NPH in a “real” hospital being a “fake” doctor and the juxtaposition is 100% full of win.

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