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Nov 15 2011

My Ten Favorite Arcade Games as a Kid

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In today’s world, arcade games aren’t quite necessary.   The stuff you see on home systems is more than adequate in terms of quenching any video game playing desires you might have.  And while arcade games still offer better quality and playing conditions, the discrepancy isn’t as big as it used to be.

Back in the 80s, arcade games were WAY better than their home system counterparts so going to the arcade was like an event.  The game there were like an experience.

For me?  It was these 10 games that seriously kicked ass…..


I don’t know.  For some reason I just went berzerk when I was able to eat the spinach.  I remember this being a very difficult game and for the life of me I couldn’t pass a certain level.

Punch Out!

No I’m not talking about Mike Tyson’s Punch Out.  I’m talking about the original Punch Out.  The one that said “Body Blow!  Body Blow!”  It was still Little Mac as the main character but the opponents were different.  Though I remember Glass Joe and Bald Bull as staples who carried over into Tyson’s game.

Golden Axe

This game absolutely kicked ass.   I used to always use the little guy who fought with an Axe not the other two characters.

Karate Champ

If you remember the movie Bloodsport you would remember this game.   Bloodsport featured this game in the beginning of the movie.   I played it on Nintendo but it just didn’t have the same inache as when I played in the arcade

Street Fighter II

I was a little older for this one but being 13 when it was around, I’d still consider myself a kid.   I’m pretty sure I dedicated more time to this arcade game than any other game.  Mortal Kombat II was up there as well but I remember buying a specific controller for this game just so I could practice for the real thing.

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  • Edweirdo

    Where’s Space Invaders? I used to walk to the local Bowling Alley so I could play Space Invaders all the time when I was a kid.



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