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Nov 14 2011

Five Female Celebrities I’d Most Want to Punch in the Face

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In the real world I would never hit a woman.  Obviously it’s a cheap move and men who engage in this practice are complete failures as far as I’m concerned.  Unless it involved protecting my family or something brutal like that there’s no reason to strike a female.

However, men dream.  We all dream.  We all wish we could do things that society says is unacceptable.   And I for one wouldn’t mind taking a crack at some women.   Some just annoy the hell out of me.

So anyway, here are five female celebrities I’d like to punch in the face….

Khloe Kardashian

This might sound about as sexist as possible but I don’t care.  Khloe Kardashian is just not attractive enough to be this successful and it bothers me.  Anytime I hear her say anything it’s annoying.  Seriously.  And what the hell Lamar?  Really dude?  This is your soul mate?  How is that possible?  I mean I like the other two and even other members of the family but Khloe?  Just stop doing things.

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3 responses so far

  • kj

    excellent list

  • mc jewy

    the whole family of the kardashine the all blow and the f up tv so f them punch them in the face and ass

  • http://whatuhwhy.tumblr.com MrRiggs

    ANY, I say again, ANY Kardashian Id love for it to be legally allowed to kick them right in the fucking piehole.



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