. Six Obvious Sports Cliches I'm Growing Very Tired Of | - Part 2

Nov 11 2011

Six Obvious Sports Cliches I’m Growing Very Tired Of

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“They Need to Get Healthy”

As opposed to not healthy? And what if they can’t get healthy?  Healthy almost sounds like there’s a bunch of sick dudes dying in the clubhouse or something.   How about, these guys need to come back.   Something other than healthy.  I just don’t like that term.

“They have to generate some offense/defense”

The most obvious statement in the history of sports.

“They’re Going to Have to Make some Adjustments”

The second most obvious statement in the history of sports.





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  • JN

    “They Need to Get Healthy???” Never heard that one before.

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  • sw

    I have two more obvious ones to add to the list:

    1. Quarterback throws an interception or the pitcher gives up a grand slam and the announcer says, “Ooooh…I bet he’d like to have that one back.”

    2. When an announcer says, “he’s the best (running back, quarterback, defensive end) in the National Football League.” Is it important that he define the league as the “National Football” one? If he said, “He is the best running back in the league” would we immediately question whether he meant the National Football, European, or California Penal?



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