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Nov 10 2011

5 Types of Neighbors you Pray You Get

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Whether you are moving to a new apartment or a new home you have enough things to worry about.  But one of the things you can’t really do diligence on is who you’re going to be living next to.   Sure it’s one thing if you own a few acres and couldn’t care less.  However, most people are close enough in proximity to their neighbors where it can matter quite a bit.

So if you’re moving, what kind of neighbors are you hoping for?  Here are five that I would prefer….

Neighbors Who Are Never Home

I live in a community where most of my neighbors are a bit older and many vacation during the winter.  They are called “snow birds.”   Basically that means I got half of the year without a neighbor.  Pretty awesome if you ask me.   Then there are those types that are never home anyway.  Be it a job or a second home, for some reason they’re never there.   I ain’t complaining.

Neighbors Who are Really Old

I say this because I don’t want to simply say “quiet neighbors.”  Granted quite neighbors are the best but elderly neighbors are even better because they have added benefits.   Most are snow birds.  Many are pretty nice.  The only risk you run with an elderly neighbor is the guy who chews your ear off when he gets the chance.  But elderly neighbors are great because they are more prepared for anything then anyone.

Neighbors That Don’t Want to Be Your Friend

These are the “keep to themselves” neighbors.  As long as they aren’t axe murderers then I have no problem with “you go your way and I’ll go mine.”  It’s way easier that way.  Sure you might not have a friend but at least you don’t have an enemy either.

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