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Nov 09 2011

Perhaps You Won’t Eat Fast Food After seeing This

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Anyone not living under a rock probably realizes that fast food isn’t the healthiest of options.  However, what you might not realize are some of the foods that land on the “most unhealthy” list.   Sure you have your usual suspects like hamburgers, hotdogs, and french fries.

However, you probably wouldn’t have guessed that a bunch of salads might be on some of these unhealthy list.   Thanks to Ranker, here is a look at 5 fast food restaurants and some of their nastiest stuff…

1. McDonald’s

It might be not all Ronald and smiles the next time you go there.  Check out these treats….

Angus Mushroom & Swiss Burger
770 calories
40g fat
17g saturated fat
1170mg sodium
59g carbohydrates

Double Quarter Pounder With Cheese
740 calories
42g fat
19g saturated fat
1380mg sodium
40g carbohydrates

Chicken Selects Premium Breast Strips (with Creamy Ranch Sauce)
830 calories
55g fat
48g carbohydrates

Big Breakfast Platter with Hotcakes (Large Biscuit)
1150 calories
60g fat
20g saturated fat
2260mg sodium
116g carbohydrates

2. Burger King

I guess next time I’ll have to just stick with a Junior Whopper.  And even that isn’t too great.   Well, it is compared to these gems.

Triple Whopper with Cheese
1140 calories
75g fat
27g saturated fat
1170mg sodium
51g carbohydrates

Tendercrisp Chicken Sandwich
800 calories
46g fat
8g saturated fat
1640mg sodium
68g carbohydrates

Original Chicken Sandwich
630 calories
39g fat
7g saturated fat
1390mg sodium
46g carbohydrates

Steakhouse XT Burger
770 calories
46g fat
17g saturated fat
1380mg sodium
53g carbohydrates

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7 responses so far

  • Alex

    Oh wow look, its the nutritional facts that are available at every store, usually right next to the menu.

    Perhaps instead of doing one on fast food, you should look into some of the casual dining restaurants.

  • Jojo

    I do not see anything wrong. I am 5’11″ and weigh 134lbs. I am a male as well. I eat fast food every day. I have for the past 10 years.

    Do not fall for all the BS the media spews out.

    It is the parents allowing the children to get fat. Not the restaurants!

  • jes

    Yes Jojo, you have a high metabolism. You are in the minority. You say that you do not see anything wrong. Well the answer might be in what you do not see. Hardening of the arteries, blood tests. I’m gonna guess that you have never read the nutritional facts when you walk in to these places EVERY day. Also, you are still young, on the outside.

  • idiot

    I’m pretty sure EVERY SINGLE LITERATE PERSON IN THE WORLD has seen these nutritional facts on the package! And I’m pretty sure that hasn’t really stopped many if not any people from eating there. Don’t post this as a revelation; it makes you look like an idiot.

    How about doing this:
    -post nutritional facts about regular casual dining restaurants (esp. Italian)
    -post nutritional facts about public school cafeteria food
    -post nutritional facts of your (or your wife’s) diner you made last night.

    And you know what you’ll find out? McDonalds facts may not be that great, but they aren’t that bad in comparison to everything else you eat.

  • sebrena

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    Perhaps instead of doing one on fast food, you should look into some of the casual dining restaurants.

  • Nate

    You forgot Hardees/Carl’s Jr. Here’s the nutrition information for the 2/3 lb. Monster Thickburger (from their website):

    Total Calories 1290
    Calories From Fat 830
    Fat (g) 92
    Saturated Fat (g) 35
    Cholesterol (mg) 210
    Sodium (mg) 2840
    Carbohydrates (g) 47
    Dietary Fiber (g) 3
    Sugars (g) 5
    Protein (g) 70

  • Erik D

    Why does any website that does an article on healthiness of food not include the good nutrients? Having a ton of calories isn’t a bad thing if the food is loaded with protein and/or vitamins and minerals.

    In order to REALLY see who is healthiest, you need to do a ratio



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