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Nov 08 2011

Six Funny Videos of Politicians Dancing

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There’s just something very funny about watching a famous person dance.  Clearly that’s why Dancing with the Stars is such a famous show.   Call me crazy but I think the next big hit might very well be “Singing with the Stars.”   I have a feeling the public would eat that up.

In the meantime though, we shall keep reveling in the embarrassment that is celebrities dancing.  And now that election time is here and hype for the run of 2012 is getting high, politicians dancing seems like a fun topic.

Check out 6 politicians dancing after the jump…..


Rick Perry Dances with Rabbis for Chanukah

This clip of Perry celebrating Hannukah 2010 with a collection of rabbis started making the Internet rounds in the Fall of 2011.  Clearly it was featured on the Daily Show and I’m quite certain we’ll wind up seeing it again in the near future.

Boris Yeltzin Bellies it Up

Considering how insane Putin is,  I can’t believe there aren’t clips of him.   Oh well, this will have to do.

Hilary Clinton Does it in Philly

Well, at least show knows how to clap.

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