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Nov 08 2011

Five White Players We Need Back in the NBA Today

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Hey since we won’t have a season we might as well talk about this stuff right????

In today’s NBA game there’s much more of a “unity” of NBA players. No, I’m not saying that all NBA players are the same culturally and ethnically. But what I’m saying is that the NBA is a different breed today. The majority of players are sporting tattoos, and there’s this newer, more “hip” type of a culture.

I don’t really know how to explain it. But even the goofy white guys aren’t that goofy or dorky anymore. Maybe some Europeans but if you go back to the 80s and 90s there were some classic dorky white dudes in the league that just don’t exist today. I guess today’s guys don’t have the same basketball goals of some of the older generations. Who knows?

But if I could bring back some of these guys, here are 5 I would love to see in the league today…..

Danny Schayes


Being that I’m a Jewish dude I had to add one of my country men to the list. Son of decent play Dolph Schayes, Danny was an extremely bad basketball player for NBA standards. But he was a big body, wore terrible socks, and wasn’t really afraid of players. But just to see a goofy white guy like that try and guard guys like Dwight Howard and talk shit would be absolutely hilarious.

Rony Seikaly


Rony was a rebounding machine but also could pull the hottest tail out of nearly anyone in the league. His shorts were incredibly short and he could easily grow a beard within two days. Putting this guy in his old Miami Heat uniform while watching him battle it out with the new crop of talent would be so much fun to watch.  P.S. I loved calling him Rone-Eee.

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