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Nov 05 2011

Not Sure There are Words For This

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There are two scenarios I can think of here and both of them are pretty bad.

1.  These guys are legitimately this crazy and like to hold knives, cut onions and wear motorcycle helmets.

2.  These guy are total losers thinking “let’s act really crazy, hold knives, cut onions, and see who will post this picture on their websites.”

Like I said, either of the two scenarios are bad.

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  • Craig

    They are obviously peeling lots of onions and are wearing the helmets to protect their eyes. How is that hard to understand?

  • Peter

    Or, perhaps -they- aren’t the idiots, and realized that covering their faces protects ‘em from the onion spray. As someone who’s prepped a lot of onions before, looks pretty freakin’ genius.

  • onion

    They are trying to not cry cutting onions.

  • captain obvious

    or they had to cut up a lot of onions and didn’t have goggles, so they wore helmets to stop the onion fumes from making them cry.

  • underseeker

    actual scenario: two bachelors in india who are cooking, but thought it would be useful and funny to cover their face with their motorcycle helmets so they dont have to smell/react to the ginger (ithink) and onions. it was funny enough that they took a photo

    wut u said didnt make ne sense at all

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