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Nov 03 2011

If You Really Want to Run For President, Here’s How

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I’ve always wanted to run for President.   Not literally but I think it would be cool to see my name on the ballot.    It turns out that it’s not so simple to just become a candidate which is why I assume you don’t see many funny names on the ballot.

I wish it were like high school and you could put some funny thing like “dumbass” on the ballot.   But if I had the money and resources I just might make this a real thing.  Who knows?

Well, if you want to run for President there are 4 official Ways to Do it and here they are:

1.  Ensure you meet the basic qualifications to serve as president of the United States. The U.S. Constitution requires presidents to be at least 35 years old and natural born citizens of the United States (Article II, Section I). Candidates also have to have been residents of the United States for 14 years prior to taking office.

Oh yeah, also make sure you have about absolutely nothing to hide.   If you were hazed in college and wore a condom on your face?  They’ll know.  If you got a DUI?  They’ll know. Smoke pot?  Wait.  What am I talking about?  Do ALL of these things.  It shouldn’t matter.

2.  Register to become an official candidate. Whenever you raise or spend more than $5,000, you are automatically considered a presidential candidate by the FEC. If you never raise or spend that amount, you are required to file paperwork. You have 15 days after raising this amount of money to file formal paperwork with the FEC. Fill out the “Statement of Candidacy,” which registers your name and address and the name and address of the campaign committee. Additionally, fill out the “Statement of Organization,” the form that registers your campaign with the Federal Elections Commission. The form is also used to designate your campaign treasurer and records custodian. Both officials monitor money that is raised and spent by the campaign.

So basically I need five grand?  Sign me up.  I would love to at once be considered a real candidate to be the President of the United States.   Well, I’m Jewish and my middle name is Isaac so I highly doubt this will happen.  Still though, wouldn’t it be neat???

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