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Oct 28 2011

Amateur Ridiculousness Leads the P.M. Portfolio

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Click on the photo for more hotties like this

There are times when life simply isn’t fair.   This my friends, is one of these times.  There are thousands upon thousands of females like this out there who are with guys that are extremely crappy.  Doesn’t that just suck?

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The Portfolio

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Oct 28 2011

10 Cool Facts About People and Their Countries

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I had nothing better to do today.  Seriously.  I was bored just like you probably are now.   So what did I do?  I decided to find these weird pictures with even weirder facts on them.

Facts that it turns out are things I didn’t know about certain countries.  Facts that you probably don’t know either.

But you can enjoy them after the jump….

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Oct 28 2011

She’s Uncoachable: Valeria Dos Santos Redux

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Now here’s what I don’t understand.  What makes a girl like Kate Upton one of the most coveted models on the planet right now?  And what make it so that Valeria Dos Santos is not?  Granted I understand how hot Kate Upton is and this is in no way a dis.

I’m just saying that Valeria is easily as attractive as any of the hottest or who is considered the hottest models out there.   At the least she deserves a spot on the Victoria’s Secret Angels list.

More of Valeria after the jump…

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Oct 28 2011

Prince Charles Says He’s Related to Vlad the Impaler

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Why exactly would Prince Charles be going around telling people that he was related to Vlad the Impaler? In case you didn’t know, Vlad was the real life murderous inspiration for Dracula of old. Not exactly someone you’d want to have in your bloodline.

Prince Charles is a direct descendent of Mary of Teck, the 19th-century queen consort of the United Kingdom who was descended from Vlad the Impaler’s son. According to the Daily Mail, the prince owns at least three properties in Transylvania, including one in the village of Zalanpatak, which was founded by his Transylvanian ancestors.

Wow, I guess that’s one way to embrace your heritage? How is this just come out now? I would feel like this would have been in the papers a while back. So today we’ve effectively learned that all members of the Royal family are in fact vampires. Pale skin, strange teeth? We should have known!

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Oct 28 2011

Kid Dresses Up as Deadmau5 for His Halloween Dance

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Wow, I didn’t even know kids this young were into Deadmau5. Shows what an old fart I am I guess. But this kid wanted to dress up as him for his Halloween dance and he’s in what, Jr. High?

As it turns out, it went awesomely, as you can see from this video. Be sure to watch until the other kids start chanting for him. Amazing.

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Oct 28 2011

As Simple as Hot Girls Looking out the Window

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Our friends at The Chive have a similar sense of ladies as I do.  I have no doubt that they like attractive women as any other male would.  And I also have no doubt that they know as long as the ladies are attractive, what they are doing is pretty much secondary.

But that secondary action or pose can certainly make the photos interesting.  Which is why hot girls looking out of window makes as much sense as any other stupid type of thing us dudes can think of.

Enjoy the pics after the jump…

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Oct 28 2011

Six Really Strange Beaches from Around the World

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Can you feel it?  I can.  It sucks.  The weather is starting to cool off.   Autumn is already here.   I’m already beginning to miss those summer days.  Hell I didn’t even get to go to the beach all that often.

It’s a shame.   A damned shame.   Well rather than whine about it, it’s time to set up some trips.   It’s time to get ready for more good times.   And I figured I’d start with some really wacky beaches to visit.

Here are six really strange beaches from around the world…..

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Oct 28 2011

Friday’s Funbag: Elisabetta Canalis Starts It, Fictional Characters Crunched, and Kim K

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Click on the photo for more of Elisabetta Canalis

After being dumped by Clooney and then Dancing with the Stars, I’m not sure how much spotlight Canalis will have left.  Clearly the next stop is posing nude.   That always helps.  I’m rooting for her though.

More things I root for at Uncoached’s Facebook page

The Funbag

How fictional characters are being affected by the economy – [Cracked]

No matter what, I’ll always love Kim Kardashian – [Celebslam]

One of the best Ric Flair pictures of all time – [Unathletic]

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This is why you don’t try to bench over 800 lbs – [Brobible]

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Pictures that will restore your faith in humanity – [Nedhardy]

When you need to get geeky stuff done go here – [Majorgeeks]

Turning everyone into Scarface is fun – [Cityrag]

Get a load of how hot Brittany Snow is – [Maxim]

Fifteen iconic guns taken from our pop culture – [Gunaxin]

Yup, Kate Upton isn’t going anywhere – [Heyman Hustle]

Types of facial hair and what they say about you – [Guyism]

A bunch of hot girls looking out the window – [The Chive]

Ilary Blasi looks pretty moist here – [Don Chavez]

25 of the craziest movie hybrid monsters – [Holytaco]

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Oct 27 2011

Johanna Lundback Leads The P.M. Portfolio

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Click on the photo for more of Johanna Lundback

When I first saw Johanna a while back I knew she’d be one of my favorites.  She’s not from around here.  She’s got a tattoo right on that underwear crotch area that I love.  And she happens to be gorgeous.  Not a bad combo.

More combos that work at Uncoached’s Facebook Page

The Portfolio

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Oct 27 2011

A Wedding Day Fail I Wouldn’t Wish on Anyone

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I’ll never forget my wedding day.  And it’s not because it was such a crazy special day or because I saw my wife for the first time as a wife.   I mean yeah all that stuff too.  But I remember it so well because it was raining.  Thankfully that was the only aesthetic thing wrong with the day.  As in we didn’t have any gaffes.

But here’s a lesson.  Don’t ever take pictures before the wedding while standing on a dock.

Check out what happens.  At least they take it in stride….

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