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Oct 28 2011

Prince Charles Says He’s Related to Vlad the Impaler

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Why exactly would Prince Charles be going around telling people that he was related to Vlad the Impaler? In case you didn’t know, Vlad was the real life murderous inspiration for Dracula of old. Not exactly someone you’d want to have in your bloodline.

Prince Charles is a direct descendent of Mary of Teck, the 19th-century queen consort of the United Kingdom who was descended from Vlad the Impaler’s son. According to the Daily Mail, the prince owns at least three properties in Transylvania, including one in the village of Zalanpatak, which was founded by his Transylvanian ancestors.

Wow, I guess that’s one way to embrace your heritage? How is this just come out now? I would feel like this would have been in the papers a while back. So today we’ve effectively learned that all members of the Royal family are in fact vampires. Pale skin, strange teeth? We should have known!

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  • http://xaotikdesigns.com adam

    We may see him as a monster, but in his homeland, Vlad is actually considered a hero by the citizens.

  • Stefan

    If you watched Dr. Who there is this one episode where the royal family actually had werewolf genes (hemophilia). But how cool it would of chosen vampires instead of werewolves :)

    here it is(the title) check it: Season 2, Episode 2: Tooth and Claw



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