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Oct 24 2011

Five Reasons You Need to Go To Therapy

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I’ll admit it.  I see a shrink.  In fact I’m pretty proud and OK with it.   Hell when you’re as neurotic and insane as I can get it’s kind of a necessity.  At the same time I can’t understand why more people out there don’t see a therapist.

And no I’m not talking about going on anti depressants and calling it a day.  I’m talking about really examining yourself and trying to become better.

While most people think they’re just A-OK, it’s not always the case and talking to someone can really help.   Here are five reasons you need to go to therapy….

1.  Every person should go to therapy at least once

Just to try it out.  Seriously.  You’d be surprised at what you’ll learn about yourself and those around you.   Rarely do we take the time to examine ourselves and look at who we are and why we do the things we do.   Even if you’re fine, it’s still good to go to therapy.   In fact, it’s probably better just for “maintenance” purposes.

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3 responses so far

  • Kray Zee

    Nice advertisement for the head-shrinking industry…

  • Justin Anyone

    Where are the references? These could include: statistics from renown companies/organization, medical studies, etc. I don’t see the reason to spend cash on therapist. Therapist can also cost ~$80-$200 depending on qualifications. If you don’t have health insurance this can be expensive. Maslow would say, food first then therapy :P Also, there are great communities out there to post on with complete anonymity, where the community’s sole purpose is to let people talk about stress and life. Not only will you get to do this for free, but you can do it anytime you want and get multiple opinions. Some of these communities do include professionals if you’re lucky to find one.

  • Tim

    @#Kray Zee Since most therapists make about 50K -80k a year I’m going to guess your bitterness has something to do with you having some issues and not with them getting rich. Enjoy your therapy in 5 years.



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