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Oct 20 2011

7 Candies That Bring Back Childhood Memories

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This is an article I did about a year ago that screamed Halloween goodness .  I think it makes sense to post it again as Halloween nears.

So Halloween being  just around the corner means I have to prepare my home for all the little trick-or- treater’s around my neighborhood.   And given I don’t really eat candy that much anymore our preparations for our candy bowl are seriously bringing back some memories for me.  Not to mention that fact that last year we nearly ran out of candy.

As an adult you always see your staple candies out there.  You know, stuff like Snickers, Twix, Almond Joy, Baby Ruth, etc etc.   But there are specific candies I remember eating as a kid that just don’t seem to crop up as an adult.

Here are seven that I miss dearly…..

Fun Dip

How awesome was Fun Dip? It was a white edible sugar stick that scooped up….sugar. Of course the sugars were flavored and different colors. I used to love the green one. I think that was lime. If I recall there was orange, red, purple, and green right? God, talk about a sugar rush. That stuff was awesome.

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2 responses so far

  • http://whatuhwhy.tumblr.com MrRiggs

    Big League Chew and Fun Dips for the win, damn, the good ole days! I miss them, not gonna lie, I loved my childhood, it was just so simple.

  • http://www.morethanhcg.com/ Lynn Johnson

    You seriously reminded me my childhood. I was crazy like anything for these that time. Thank you :)



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