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Oct 19 2011

Five Things Every Guy is Afraid to Do in Front of His Woman

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A while back the boys at Guyism did a piece on things ladies are afraid to do in front of men.  It had some of the funnier and obvious things listed such as farting or taking a dump.   I found it to be quite amusing and definitely rang a bunch of true points from experience.   That experience being my marriage, though my wife doesn’t care about farting or burping which I happen to enjoy.  Sue me.

I figured I would take the opposite road and list some things that men are afraid to do in front of women.   There are five things that particularly rang true in my life…..

Troll Around on Facebook

This one is equal for both sexes.  The Guyism article had it too.   While my wife and I freely go on Facebook in front of each other there’s always that one profile you see that makes you think “why are they talking to this person?”  I constantly ask “did you bang that guy?”  Hell Facebook is one of the largest causes for divorce these days so there’s definitely reason for concern.

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9 responses so far

  • JM Gottiet

    The expression is “wouldn’t be caught dead”.

  • Adrian A

    What a blatant and ridiculous generalization. Stupid article.

  • Joe

    “stupid, but this is how dudes think”

    No, this is how YOU think. I’m not afraid to do any of these things in front of my wife and I have no clue why I should be.

  • friday

    lool, this is so true, i like the last one “Ask For Directions or Any Help for That Matter” i just did it lool

  • http://bookinthebag.wordpress.com Mandi

    Odd. As a woman, I would be more than happy to have a man do any of these things with or in front of me. Anyone willing to cry in front of me is a real man. Anyone not willing to ask for help/directions/or show emotion is a douche.

  • Defacto

    With respect – WHAT A LOT OF CRAP

  • Jean

    OMG! when will we ALL learn that when anyone “generalizes” it shows how narrow (I could add full of crap!) and how silly the person is who doesn’t ask for directions, afraid to cry, wants to show how protective he is, etc. It’s time to grow up and be who you’re meant to be and not some twisted version of who you think people WANT you to be.

  • AK

    Agree with Joe. This is a list from 50 years ago and does not apply to the men nor women, of today. Might be applicable to boys, though.

    The article heading should read:
    Five Things Every Boy is Afraid to Do in Front of His Girl.

  • Mike

    You’re a walking stereotype, dude. Except the Notebook thing, of course. That’s just gay.



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