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Oct 18 2011

Five of the Funniest Rap Battles Of All Time

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I never really paid much attention to rap battles before the movie 8 Mile but nowadays I have good battles out on my radar.  When you think about it, battling is a truly impressive skill.  It takes a quick use of the English language as well as wit to pull it off.

However, as much as there are some great rap battlers out there, there are probably 10 times as many wannabes who completely suck.   And of course lots of their dumb antics are caught on film.

I’ve assembled five videos that have both skill and crap that I would deem the funniest rap battle videos of all time.  Just an FYI there’s some NSFW language here after the jump….

Tom Green Battles Xzibit

This battle wasn’t even fair nor was it even close.   I’m pretty sure Xzibit left this thing feeling very very dumb.

Iron Mic:  Eli Porter vs. Envy:  Worst Rap Battle Ever

The unforgettable, controversial iron mic freestyle battle starring the infamous Eli Porter vs. some other dude.  This might be the funniest video I’ve ever seen.

The Rap Battle Parody

Who would have known something as simple as “mute” would be this funny.   “Put that on Mapquest.”

Top That

I don’t think anyone will ever forget this rap battle (assuming they’ve seen the movie Teen Witch).   By the way the white guy is Robert Blake’s Son.

The Funniest Rap Battle Lines Ever

You had me at “My Penis is kind of small.”


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