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Oct 17 2011

My Six Favorite Steakhouses in New York City

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Let me preface this by saying that Peter Luger’s will not be on this list because it is located in Brooklyn.  And for the record Luger’s is slowly going down the chain.   I don’t know what’s going on over there but I’ve had 3 or 4 confirmations that their steak just isn’t as good as it used to be.  Perhaps the people who took the Luger’s model have in fact improved upon it.

Rating a steakhouse is not an easy thing to do but I’ve been a serious steak eater for around 25 years now so I think I have a pretty good sense of these things.

In this article I’m not going to focus on the ambiance, decor, or even service.  I’m taking about places where you can get a kick ass steak and know what it’s worth paying for….

6.  Delfrisco’s

I come from the “if you need steak sauce or seasonings then it’s not a good steak” kind of a background.  So having Delfriscos is somewhat of a surprise because of all the restaurants listed on here they season up their steaks the most.   However, get the 24 oz sirloin on the bone.  It’s insane.   The sides were very solid, especially the home fries.   Creamed spinach was decent.  I didn’t do the shrimp cocktail but the caesar salad and wedge is delicious.   Delfriscos is definitely a power steakhouse as in very sceney and full of finance dudes.   Still though, a great great steak.

5.  The Capital Grille

Can you believe it?  I put a chained restaurant on here!  But I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again.  From beginning to end, Capital Grille is a tremendous meal.  I’m talking every single portion.   I wouldn’t get anything but a filet mignon here but that’s just my preference.   Some places are too risky when it comes to sirloin and porterhouses.   Hell I only eat a porterhouse at 2 places (Luger’s and Wolfgang’s).    But I’ve had just about everything at this joint.  The lobster mac n’ cheese is a joke.  Shrimp cocktail is phenomenal.  All salads kick ass.   The bread is OK, not great. Desserts are spectacular.   A very solid choice.

4.  Ben and Jack’s

Lot’s of people don’t even know about this gem on 44th and 2nd.  I first ate there about 8 years ago and had a filet.  I distinctly remember it being one of the best filet’s I had in a long time.   I also remember being a little buzzed but whatever.   The creamed spinach was awesome.  The salads there are OK.  About 2 years ago I went back there and manned up with the porterhouse for 2.   Couldn’t believe I went ahead and made the order.  Turns out it was nearly as quality as Luger’s and Wolfie’s which is saying a lot.  The bread wasn’t that fresh and the inside is a little old school.  Still though, for a great steak?  Try it.

3.  The Palm Too

I like the Palm but there’s something about The Palm Too that I like better.  I know it’s the same but what can I say?   Personally I like The Palm in Atlantic City the best.   If you’re going to the Palm you only need three things.   Either a filet or sirloin (don’t bother with another steak), home fries, and creamed spinach.  Seriously, that’s all you need.  And get a lot of it.

2.  The Striphouse

One of the best sirloins I’ve had in a very long time.   If it weren’t for the fact was so dark I might have been a bit more awake when eating my steak.  However, the rolls were excellent.  Salad was choice.  Hell I even got a little bacon slice action.   Plus the desserts are worth it.   If you’re downtown I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

1.  Wolfgang’s (On 33rd and Park, not Tribeca)

This is the one.  The end all.  You don’t get any better than Wolfgang’s when you’re in Manhattan.  You just don’t.  Personally I think they’ve trumped Luger’s when it comes to the Porterhouse.  Yeah I said it.   Rolls are Lugeresque.  They have awesome bacon slices.  Dessert are out of this world and the shrimp cocktail is a slight notch below Luger’s.   It’s an annoying wait even with the reservation but the chips at the bar are awesome.  Wolfgang’s is the best and I’ve yet to find better.

*For the record I think Sparks sucks, I haven’t tried Keens though I here it’s good.  Quality Meats is not bad, and I will only go to Old Homestead at the Borgata because of the 18 oz filet.  It’s insane.  Morton’s is very solid but not worthy of the list.  Dylan Prime, eh.   I ate at BLT prime and was disappointed.   There are tons more but you get the idea.



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