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Oct 13 2011

Five Annoying Little Things That Can Ruin Going to a Bar

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There’s enough to look forward to when you head out to a bar.  Assuming you are single (or even not), you generally look forward to meeting new people and getting your drink on.

But as you get older standards get a bit higher and more things have to be aligned in order to have a good time.  I’m not saying everything has to be perfect but I am saying that there are more things that would prohibit me from going to or being at a bar than there used to be.

Here are five little things that might ruin my chances of going….

Anything That Makes you Self Conscious

I used to not give a shit about what I looked like or any injuries I might have had before going to a bar.  Now if I have an unsitely blemish that I don’t like it severely reduces my chances of going out.  Call me a sissy.  Call me a girl.  I don’t care because it’s the truth.

Wearing a Jacket

One of the biggest buzzkills about going to any bar is when you have to wear your jacket the whole time.  It’s a little thing that really sucks and easily makes you uncomfortable the entire time.   I can’t stand that.

An Unexpected Cover Charge

Talk about annoying.  Personally I won’t even go to a bar with a cover charge so screw that.

Running into Someone You Don’t Want to See

Sure the bar might be crowded and loud and you might not have to spend a lot of time talking to that person but it still sucks and there’s no reason, even if for five minutes one should have to endure that annoying catch up conversation you’ll get in.

A Crappy Closing Time

You’re making progress with a certain lady and you hear “last call!”  Clearly she and you aren’t drunk enough to make this night a success and you totally get ruined by the closing time.  That blows.

There are obviously larger things like the commute or not enough hot girls, etc etc.  I wanted to keep it small….







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