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Oct 11 2011

Five Attentive Questions Women Love to Hear

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Any guy who is in a long term relationship with a woman pretty much knows what makes his lady happy but he also knows that it takes a ton of effort.  I mean all of us technically know how to communicate effectively, it’s just that it’s way easier not to.   Think about it.   It’s just such a headache to actually listen, pay attention, and then follow through on every little thing.

That’s why we have our good weeks and our bad.  And it’s that effort and listening that creates the good weeks.  But it’s that maleness “leave me alone” stuff (how we really feel) that gets us bad points.

But to make things easier, try to ask one of these questions each day and I promise your lady will be much happier….

What Would You Like To Do?

Rather than say “we’re going to x place” ask her what she’d like to do.   Believe me it feels like you’re doing the same thing but you’re not.  When you ask her it’s a big deal.  She thinks you really do care what she wants to do when all you’re doing is finding out if there’s anything on that list you’d tolerate.   It’s good stuff.

How Would you Go About it?

Same thing as asking her what she wants to do, if you’re in a bind, instead of saying “this is what we’re gonna do,” ask her what she’d do.   Believe me she might be wrong but when she feels involved, she’ll love you for it.

How Was Your Day?

Ask this question, sit back, and shut up.   You will win every single time.

What did you Think Of…..?

Ever leave a movie thinking “man that sucked?”  Sure, watching Sex and City 2 has got to be the worst thing ever but just like asking her how her say went always ask her what she thought of anything you do.   Might be a dinner you just ate.  Maybe a play you just saw.  Just ask her opinion, sit back, and collect brownie points.

How are You Feeling Today?

It’s a simple question that both sexes rarely ask.  And quite frankly it usually means a lot to either person when they hear it.



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