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Oct 07 2011

The Five Types of Teachers You Had in Elementary School

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For the life of me I can’t remember the professors I had in college.   And that was 10 years ago.   I can barely remember the teachers I had in high school either.   But for some reason I can vividly picture all the teachers I had way back in elementary school.

I’m not sure if you guys have the same type of memory as I do but it’s definitely a strange thing.   Rather than dive into all that is my wacky long term memory I’d rather focus on the influence of these teachers.

They had more of an effect on us than we probably think.   Here are five types of teachers you had in elementary school….

The Really Mean and Strict Ones

This isn’t a joke.  My 4th grade teacher’s name was Mrs. Dykes.  Yes.  Dykes.   She was so mean that I will never forget.  She had this short brown hair and she was in her 50s.   It just scared the shit out of me anytime she would stare at me if I was talking in class.   Everyone has one of these.  A teacher that genuinely dislikes children.

The Crushes

The funny thing about crush teachers is that most of them are in their mid twenties and back then you didn’t really put two and two together.  I mean you loved them because they were hot but what’s funny is that these are the same hot chicks you see in bars that get wasted and look amazing in bikinis during summer time.   Weird stuff.

The Influential and Memorable Ones

Almost every person I know can point to a special teacher they had when they were really young.   A teacher they’ll never forget and one who influenced their lives in some way.  For me it was Mrs. Ilberg.  Thanks!

The Ones with Bad Hygiene and Breath

It was usually bad breath but there were also those teachers who flat out stunk.   Little did we know that back then all it took was deodorant.  But man if everyone I know didn’t have a teacher with poop breath.  Mine was Mr. Loh and I couldn’t stand talking to him.  It was brutal.  Nice guy but man that breath was awful.

The Ones that Seemed Cool but Didn’t Care

These are the teachers that pretty much let you get away with anything.  These are the teachers who took you out to play kickball all the time and didn’t really teach you shit.   They were cool and all but honestly they just didn’t want to do their jobs.


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  • http://www.plaingraces.com/ Plain Graces

    As an educator, I find this hilarious! You should sit in a teacher lounge sometime…. Fun read!

  • http://whatuhwhy.tumblr.com MrRiggs

    There was not one teacher I had a crush on, school sucked! I know a few that were bad tho but not hot.



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