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Oct 06 2011

Five Ways to Come Back to Work after Time Off

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We all need a vacation.  That’s a given.  Many of us out there, whether we have jobs or not are constantly stressed out and are “working” in some way, shape, or form.  Be it your regular pain in the ass job that you have to endure day in and day out or the endless job searching that you can stand doing, we all need a break.

And when you get that break please make the most of it.  If you do make the most of it then chances are you’ll be super pissed off when you have to get back into the grind.

When you’re at that point of having to return, here are five tips to make that return less stressful….

Go To Bed Early the Night Before

If there’s one thing you’re gonna need before having to get your ass back into the flow of things, it’s sleep.   Chances are you’ve been staying up late and sleeping in every day for the past week.   In this particular instance, try to at least get the same amount of sleep by heading to bed earlier and not messing with the body’s cycles too much.

Schedule More Work The Week Before you Leave to Ease The Burden

If you can somehow do more week before you leave so that you have less when you get back it will accomplish two things.  The first is that you’ll be relieved that you did so much and will have a stress free vacation.  The second is that you can have an easier day back.

Do Your Best to Take it Easy the Day Before

This is along the lines of the “getting sleep” one.   If you’ve been out drinking and what not for your vacation then your body is really not ready to return to work.  Make sure you have a “day of rest” to allow your body to transition back to the routine.

Do Only The Essentials The Day You’re Back

If you haven’t done more work to prepare for when you come back then make sure you do as little as possible when you are in fact back.  Ease into it.   If you plow through like you normally would your entire week could be exhausting.  Take it slow and ramp up gradually.

If Possible, Avoid Work Altogether that Day

Hey look, if you can do an extra day off, do an extra day off.  If not, you read all the tips already :)



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