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Oct 05 2011

7 Roommates You Dread Having in College

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One of the most exciting things about going away to college for the first time is experiencing new people.  It’s kind of like going away to summer camp for the first time.   You have no idea what to expect but by the end of the summer you have all these new friends you didn’t have before.

College however, is much much longer and you better damned well hope you have a decent person to call your roommate for that first year (sometimes two years).

Which is why even though things can work out in your favor, there’s also that chance you’ll be miserable.   Here are seven roommate you do not want to get that first year in college….

The Mess

I was originally going to put “stoner” here because they usually fall hand in hand but I figured mess would be more appropriate.  This is the person who is quite simply a mess.  They dress messy, they act messy, and more importantly because of them your room is always a mess.   Food is everywhere as is garbage.   And they also wind up just being dirty.  Like the kind of dirty where you don’t want to use a glass or touch anything in the room.

The Party Too hard Guy

No matter what, no matter when, this dude is out there getting his drink on and just doing way too much partying.  I mean it’s nice to have some downtime don’t you think?  At least once in a while it is.  These are the people that just try way too hard and go insane.   Your hope is that they get kicked out of school.

The Loser

These are the people you’re really embarrassed to say are your roommates.  They can’t help it.  They’re just losers.   They’re dorky and make you very uncomfortable and you have a really hard time letting these people tag along.   Though I will say losers are kind of a positive because they don’t really bother you.

The Foreign Guy

Honestly I don’t even know if I have a reason for this.  I just know that it’s not fun to have a foreign roommate (unless they have really hot girl friends).

The Psycho

These are the people you’re really scared of at night.  I mean at any given moment you think this dude might stab you or punch a hole in the wall.  Nothing is good about the psychos.   You just don’t want that kind of a wild card in your life.

The Loser in Denial

Tries to be all he can be.  This is the guy who was a complete loser in high school and thinks he’s cool now.  He tries way too hard and thus is even more annoying than a typical loser.  He’s a loser in denial.

The One you Just Know You’ll Hate No Matter What

These are guys that are just way too different than you.    Guys that you simply know will never work out.  There are 1000s of guys like this.  But let’s just say a Jersey Shore guy wouldn’t be one of my favorites if I saw him on day one entering my dorm.

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