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Oct 04 2011

7 Types of People You’ll Always See at a Casino

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If there’s one exciting feeling in the world, it’s the feeling of going to and arriving at a casino.  You’re so full of hope and readiness to hit that floor.  Most times that excitement leaves you the minute you lose a dime.

For me, I love going to casinos but I can only take so much.  One night is usually all I can handle.  If anything, the amount of smoking is enough to make me vomit.

Oh, and there’s also the other stuff that annoys me.  In particular?  These seven types of people….

A Group of Guys Trying Way too Hard

You’ll always see a group of guys like this.   These are the dudes that get way too excited about being at a casino.  You’ll always see them on a line waiting to get your room key.   They’re just so jacked up talking about their plans, what they’re going to do, etc etc.   No guys, you’re not getting laid and you’re not winning tons of money.

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